this Work Has an Impact

"Pamela, your loving ceremony and simply gorgeous music gave me such strength and purpose. You are exquisite, and a gentle and powerful healer.” - Dorie B., Los Angeles

“I have suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks for many years. Since I started sound baths with Pamela it has changed my life. I have not had a panic attack in over 3 months. It helps to release toxins and puts amazing positive energy into my body." - Michael Mehner, Los Angeles

“I have never heard the gong or crystal singing bowls played with such grace and gentleness. Pamela is masterful!! Thank you again for an experience we will never forget.” - Kathie Jo

“I’ve attended multiple sound baths in the Valley and Los Angeles and I am glad I found Pamela. She touches her instruments with such tenderness, the gentle sound it creates puts you in a state of dream, bliss and peace, which is exactly what I am looking for in meditation. She’s radiating so much love and care, it’s palatable in the room, goes right into your body, stays there and lingers. For a long time.” - Ilka Urbach, Los Angeles

"Pamela's sound baths align me on a deep molecular level. The balancing frequencies emitted from the crystal bowls deliver vibrations that have transformed my life. I have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for decades. After her sound bath, I feel no urge to use. I can go for several days feeling so good I don't need to numb myself. I am so grateful to Pamela for her impactful healing work. I attend regular tune ups in her magical Tipi to stay on my path of wellness.I appreciate the loving support and benefits of the positive vibes so very much." - Michelle V., Los Angeles

"I found Pamela in a magical way. She responded quickly to my inquiry and was extremely accomodating and flexible. Pamela has a clear way of speaking and speaks a language I understand. Immediately I sensed that she came from the heart and trust was formed easily. Finding Pamela has changed my life and upgraded my practice with her wisdom. I will rely on her as an ally in my future. Deep gratitude for her teachings and allowing me to play on her instruments and most of all introducing me to the sacred Gong. I would highly recommend anyone with the desire to learn how to heal with sound and crystal bowls to learn from Pamela. She embodies what she teaches and she is the real thing.” - Rebecca Hope Stefani

“Sometimes things find you, that’s how it’s been for me with Pamela and sound healing. After completing my extremely comprehensive training sessions, I feel ready (and pumped!) to incorporate sound therapy into my health coaching practice. My bowls arrived today and I’m so moved by the whole idea, I wept with excitement. I feel I’ve been given a precious gift. A way to improve lives…that’s powerful stuff!” - Hey Coach Ellie

“My sound healing training with Pamela was profound on many levels. I am going to start to incorporate working with my clients on a deeper level using sound so that they can find their calm, which will bring the clarity they need on their journey to becoming their Best Self.” - Dr. Eris Huemer

“We both got so much from the session and now all kinds of miracles are showing up, moving towards clarity and taking the next steps!” - Rebecca and Talia