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Pamela uses a wide variety of ancient sound healing instruments, including quartz crystal singing bowls, a Symphonic Gong, Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums and more to weave a rich musical tapestry designed to transport her listeners on a healing journey for their soul. Her style is nurturing, peaceful, deep and spellbinding.

The vibrational power of sound can lead one into a state of expanded consciousness, deep meditation, relaxation and peace, helping to open the body's emotional and physical energetic system to get in touch with your own true vibration.

Pamela likes to think of yoga as having served as a gateway into deeper awareness of the life-changing gifts that are available to us when we take the time to go inward. Meditation was the next wave and for some it comes easily and others can find it challenging. The beauty of a sound bath is that it is  meditation! The sounds act as an aid, supporting a busy mind with a chance to follow the music and let go into the experience.

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Sound Healing Benefits

  • Affects all cells in your body

  • Balances both hemispheres of the brain

  • Cleanses negative energy and emotions

  • Deep relaxation

  • Improves sleep

  • Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation

  • Removes blockages and toxins

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

  • Calms the mind

  • Allows you to connect with your higher self

  • Time given to yourself is an act of self-love


Meet pamela ROBINS


Pamela Robins draws on pivotal personal experiences and training in a wide mix of healing modalities to deliver transformational wellness offerings, including group and private sound bath sessions, meditation workshops, sunset nature walks, and specially curated events at private homes with people and their animals, as well as corporate offices and other unique destinations.

Based in Los Angeles, Pamela teaches at Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica and The DEN Meditation in Los Angeles. She also hosts events held in her Tipi "House of Two Spirits" on a private ranch in Agoura Hills where her horse Tuxedo resides. Tuxedo is part of the team and enjoys joining Pamela’s sunset nature walks.

Pamela is an enthusiastic student of continuous learning and personal growth through traditional therapy; intuitive studies and guidance; healing work (breath, movement, sound and meditation); and nature. She is an animal lover and advocate, as well as an entrepreneur, inspirational guide, speaker, teacher, healer and now author of the new book Meditating with Animals: How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us. The book was written after Pamela experienced a series of major life challenges in rapid succession, forcing her to let go of life as she knew it in order to rediscover herself and her passion for healing and championing others.

Pamela is a yoga, meditation, Reiki and sound healing practitioner; and a fitness enthusiast. She has completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Reiki 1 + 2 Certification and Sound Healer Practitioner Certification to deepen her own practice in order to share the gifts, teachings, wisdom and magic bestowed upon her during her journey of self-discovery. 


"I will never forget the first moment I heard a note played from a crystal singing bowl.  It opened me up and it changed my life –yes, just one note, one split second of time.

When my cells were filled with the vibrations of sound I could relax and be peaceful and even travel to other places and see things I would never see otherwise - about myself, other dimensions and oh so much more! It was a way for me to let go and trust the vastness that surrounds us and is also within me - most of which cannot be seen or accessed otherwise.

To share the beautiful sounds of my instruments is an honor and one of the greatest gifts that I have discovered on my journey."


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Nature is my meditation, my sacred vortex, where all that is “out there” is shown to be truly within me. This is how I ground myself. It is from this place that I continue my own healing journey and also the place that I come from when I do my healing work with others.

This beauty that fills my soul is my gift to you.


connect with your intention

Private Sound Healing Session


As a clear channel for healing energy, I work with divine wisdom and clairvoyance to intuitively tune in to your energetic field. A session will incorporate Sound, Reiki, Crystals and Tarot. Feeling into where your chakras are excessive or deficient, I am able to customize a nurturing healing session that will assist in bringing you into a more peaceful and balanced state.

75 minutes - $185

Group Sound Bath + Healing Session


Group sound healing meditations including birthdays, bridal showers and other celebrations/gatherings at your home or business. 90 minutes.

Price varies based on group size/location

Meditating with Animals


Workshop & Sound Healing. As the author of Meditating with Animals - How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us, I regularly hold workshops, book signings, speaking engagements and sound healing for you and your animal companions in your home or business that allows animals in the workplace! click here.  

Sound Healer Teacher Training


Designed to give you permission to play a variety of healing instruments including the gong, crystal singing bowls and more. I will work with you to discover your own unique healing imprint and together we will create the space to allow that energy to flow through you as I teach you the use and intentions behind each instrument. You will leave with a class outline so that you can begin immediately. 

4 hours $600 (can be split into 2 classes) 



this Work Has an Impact


"I've been blessed and so fortunate enough to have attended many sound healings around the world and Pamela's sessions have given me the most powerful, profound, insightful messages every time I've attended."

-Rich Chan, Los Angeles

"I have been to other sound baths before, and my experience with Pamela rose well above the crowd. I immediately trusted her, enabling me to let go and completely give in to this healing experience. She is incredibly talented and authentic. During the sound bath, I felt my body resonating with the sound and coming in tune with the universe. When it was over I felt both calm and energized. Pamela's sound baths are magical."

- Emma Weber, Los Angeles

"I had been to gong meditation classes before but this one was absolutely fantastic! Pamela uses not just a gong, but a variety of other musical instruments and the effect is so deep and profound that I know I have never had such a deep meditation before."

- Slava Chichvarin, Moscow, Russia

"Tipi Transformational Tuesday was one of the most magical experiences I had ever had. The coyotes joined us and hearing their singing brought tears to my eyes as I was so grateful to be witnessing something so beautiful. Thank you, Pamela for creating this space and sharing your magic."

- Whitney Barrett, Los Angeles

"The session last night inspired me to create a section on my website about exceptional people. You are the Shaman of Sound with a technique that I have never experienced before. Thank you.

- Roger Moore, Los Angeles

"Pamela has an attractive spirit and her aura lights up the room. The first sound bath I attended, I was drawn to her energy immediately. She has a unique ability to see where people need to be cleared and healed, and has helped me move so much stagnant energy that was no longer serving my highest good. She takes the time to connect with individuals and the group as a whole to ensure a personal healing experience. Her powerful intuition guides her as she plays, catering to what she feels each group/individual needs, creating a unique experience each time. If you feel called, I encourage you to try one of Pamela's sound healings, you will be hooked (and healed!)

- Jenn Marut, Los Angeles

"I noticed a local studio was having a sound bath. I had no expectations for the evening but wanted to introduce this sort of expression and healing to my 13 year old daughter. I told some friends about it as well since we are all on this spiritual journey together. As I stepped into the room it was like I had unzipped my skin at the door and joined all of the other spirits that awaited this same journey. There sat Pamela...surrounded by her crystal bowls, gong, rain makers, ocean drum and radiant energy. It was an instant feeling of belonging. She created a sacred space for everybody in the room. The feeling of comfort, support, honoring all of the silent thoughts that surround people's heads - she was our spiritual conduit. That was just my first experience with Pamela. Since then, we have moved on to doing private monthly sessions in my home. She is an inspiration in both her personal endeavors and her continuous growth in her business. I know that our paths crossed for a reason!! I just hope you have the opportunity to have her along your path. Namaste!" 

- Lindy Pearson, Los Angeles


"I have suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks for many years. Since I started sound baths with Pamela it has changed my life. I have not had a panic attack in over 3 months. It helps to release toxins and puts amazing positive energy into my body." 

- Michael Mehner, Los Angeles



"I had an unforgettable sound healing meditation experience at House of Two Spirits with Pamela. During the meditation I was reminded of the importance of nature, community, moving forward, listening to my intuition, and letting go of fear.  I'm ready to jump. Whether I fall flat or fly, at least I know I haven't sat still." - Caterina Ciani

“I’ve attended multiple sound baths in the Valley and Los Angeles and I am glad I found Pamela. She touches her instruments with such tenderness, the gentle sound it creates puts you in a state of dream, bliss and peace, which is exactly what I am looking for in meditation. She’s radiating so much love and care, it’s palatable in the room, goes right into your body, stays there and lingers. For a long time.” - Ilka Urbach, Los Angeles

"Pamela's sound baths align me on a deep molecular level. The balancing frequencies emitted from the crystal bowls deliver vibrations that have transformed my life. I have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for decades. After her sound bath, I feel no urge to use. I can go for several days feeling so good I don't need to numb myself. I am so grateful to Pamela for her impactful healing work. I attend regular tune ups in her magical Tipi to stay on my path of wellness.I appreciate the loving support and benefits of the positive vibes so very much." - Michelle V., Los Angeles


Join Me for Events in the LA Area

      Pamela plays at The Den Meditation and Unplug Meditation - for classes please check their websites


The Den Meditation - Studio City

Chakra Lullaby :: A healing and nurturing sound healing experience

Every Tuesday and Friday at 11 am

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Create Your 2019 Soul-Based Game Plan :: Guided Meditation + Sound Bath

with Pamela Robins + Christina Huntington

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