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Welcome to House of Two Spirits Tipi. When you visit, you will hear Pamela tell her story of overcoming many of life’s greatest challenges and how the Universe guided her to create this space to continue her own healing, through various forms of meditation, and share these gifts with others. She credits her horse, Tuxedo as being one of the reasons she was able to stay tethered to the earth and hold steady in the face of remarkable adversity. Together, Pamela and Tuxedo are the two spirits and hence, the name.

The Tipi is located in the magical Old Agoura area right outside of Los Angeles, backing Chesebro State Park. Here we are surrounded by big nature and wildlife on a private 60 acre ranch. Our healing and meditation sessions are always accompanied by the singing Coyotes who live in the hills all around. Being in nature and sitting on the earth can quickly disconnect you from the noise of the outside world and reconnect you to your inner universe. For a moment, unplug from whatever changes, challenges or stress that is happening in your life and plug into our community and nurturing evironment for support and self-discovery.


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House of Two Spirits hosts regular workshops, retreats and healing experiences with world renowned healers. People from far and wide come to experience the healing magic of the Tipi and contribute to the special energy that the space calls in. Take a peek at our events calendar to discover the experience that calls to you.


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House of Two Spirits is a connected, sacred venue for your next event or project


A sacred space

Unlike a regular studio, we sit in a circle, we know each others names. We share, connect and learn that we are not alone on our paths.

Pamela’s story and the intention behind why House of Two Spirits exists, coupled with being out in nature and amongst other like-minded souls allows for greater vulnerability and thus, greater opportunity for more rapid growth and expansion of self. When we feel safe, we open our hearts and stand in our truth. It is from this place we share our stories and we heal them.


a soul’s calling

I walk the walk.

I have experienced many of life’s greatest challenges and adventures - living in a foreign country and running a volatile business - navigating and surviving drug cartels, destruction and rebuilding after hurricanes and a devastating fire, as well as loss of a parent, divorce, cancer and loss of my home and business in the California Wildfires in November 2018. The things that have saved me, grounded me and held me here during these times are the gifts I share with all of you here at the Tipi. I have learned how to move through great stress, trauma, grief, and anxiety and I hold space to help hold others through their life challenges in order to rediscover their own voice, inner compass, resilience - to thrive.


A true Community

The Tipi burned down in the Malibu wildfires of Fall 2018. We thought that was the end of our story. However, our community felt a calling.

Without any requests or prompting, they rallied together to raise the funds for a new tipi in just one week so that the healing and transformations and connection to something greater could continue.


Meet your guide

Pamela Robins


Pamela is an enthusiastic student of continuous learning and personal growth through traditional therapy; intuitive studies and guidance; healing work (breath, movement, sound and meditation); and nature. She is an animal lover and advocate, as well as an entrepreneur, inspirational guide, speaker, teacher, healer and now author of the new book Meditating with Animals: How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us. The book was written after Pamela experienced a series of major life challenges in rapid succession, including Thyroid Cancer and Vocal Cord Paralysis, forcing her to let go of life as she knew it in order to rediscover herself and her passion for healing and championing others. In 2018 she lost both her home and her Tipi in the Woolsey fire and credits her daily meditation practice as the reason she was able to move through her loss and trauma and rebuild her life in a short period of time. This experience has gifted Pamela with a deeper wisdom, compassion and understanding of the traumas we all face on our life walk and this adds a richness to the healing work she has devoted herself to. In August 2019 she was invited to perform with her beloved Singing Bowls with the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl for “America in Space.”

Pamela is a yoga, meditation, Reiki and sound healing practitioner; and a fitness enthusiast. She has completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Reiki 1 + 2 Certification and Sound Healer Practitioner Certification to deepen her own practice in order to share the gifts, teachings, wisdom and magic bestowed upon her during her journey of self-discovery.


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“I just wanted to say thank you so much for making last night so magical. We both felt deeply moved and touched by the incredible experience you created. It was so special and absolutely perfect. Your Tipi is such a special place and the energy and vibes you fill it with are beautiful. You are amazing! I look forward to many more evenings in the sacred space." - Danielle O.

“Magical night exploring self love. Beautiful meditation and such a gentle, loving sound bath with coyotes howling and heart-centered people. I am deeply moved and grateful.” - Wendi J. Cohen

Such a wonderful, brave group of souls gathered together under the stars for healing last night! I was honored to lead some first comers and long timers into what several reported as the deepest experience they’ve ever had in breathwork or any kind of meditation or healing practice. Sharing this magical space with my dear friend Pamela’s sweet essence and sound healing is such a joy, and the tipi facilitates the work so well! The healing of the land and animals, the coyotes and the elements run deep and are so missed in our modern culture. I loved the sense of unity among us– community shared with a group of whom so many of us were strangers just hours earlier. Incredible energy moved through us all and shifted the trajectories of our lives in such positive ways.” – Satya Colombo

“If you know me, you know I’ve been going through a rough time. The pain was manifesting in ways I didn’t want. So I am on a mission to change. I have to unpack a lifetime of experiences that got me to where I am, so it won’t be over night but I am working toward a better version of myself. I am trying all types of modalities and last night was a perfect step. I highly recommend binaural meditation to everyone. This session took place on a beautiful ranch. I cannot begin to describe the experience. The binaural aspect was key. It forces the overthinking, conscious part of the brand to slow down, allowing you to access the deeper parts of the subconscious. We all must keep growing into better versions of ourselves.” - Mel


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