this Work Has an Impact


"I've been blessed and so fortunate enough to have attended many sound healings around the world and Pamela's sessions have given me the most powerful, profound, insightful messages every time I've attended."

-Rich Chan, Los Angeles

"I have been to other sound baths before, and my experience with Pamela rose well above the crowd. I immediately trusted her, enabling me to let go and completely give in to this healing experience. She is incredibly talented and authentic. During the sound bath, I felt my body resonating with the sound and coming in tune with the universe. When it was over I felt both calm and energized. Pamela's sound baths are magical."

- Emma Weber, Los Angeles

"I had been to gong meditation classes before but this one was absolutely fantastic! Pamela uses not just a gong, but a variety of other musical instruments and the effect is so deep and profound that I know I have never had such a deep meditation before."

- Slava Chichvarin, Moscow, Russia

"Tipi Transformational Tuesday was one of the most magical experiences I had ever had. The coyotes joined us and hearing their singing brought tears to my eyes as I was so grateful to be witnessing something so beautiful.

Thank you, Pamela for creating this space and sharing your magic."

- Whitney Barrett, Los Angeles

"Pamela has an attractive spirit and her aura lights up the room. The first sound bath I attended, I was drawn to her energy immediately. She has a unique ability to see where people need to be cleared and healed, and has helped me move so much stagnant energy that was no longer serving my highest good. She takes the time to connect with individuals and the group as a whole to ensure a personal healing experience. Her powerful intuition guides her as she plays, catering to what she feels each group/individual needs, creating a unique experience each time. If you feel called, I encourage you to try one of Pamela's sound healings, you will be hooked (and healed!)

- Jenn Marut, Los Angeles

"I noticed a local studio was having a sound bath. I had no expectations for the evening but wanted to introduce this sort of expression and healing to my 13 year old daughter. I told some friends about it as well since we are all on this spiritual journey together. As I stepped into the room it was like I had unzipped my skin at the door and joined all of the other spirits that awaited this same journey. There sat Pamela...surrounded by her crystal bowls, gong, rain makers, ocean drum and radiant energy. It was an instant feeling of belonging. She created a sacred space for everybody in the room. The feeling of comfort, support, honoring all of the silent thoughts that surround people's heads - she was our spiritual conduit. That was just my first experience with Pamela. Since then, we have moved on to doing private monthly sessions in my home. She is an inspiration in both her personal endeavors and her continuous growth in her business. I know that our paths crossed for a reason!! I just hope you have the opportunity to have her along your path. Namaste!" 

- Lindy Pearson, Los Angeles


"The session last night inspired me to create a section on my website about exceptional people. You are the Shaman of Sound with a technique that I have never experienced before. Thank you!” - Roger Moore, Los Angeles

"I had an unforgettable sound healing meditation experience at House of Two Spirits with Pamela. During the meditation I was reminded of the importance of nature, community, moving forward, listening to my intuition, and letting go of fear.  I'm ready to jump. Whether I fall flat or fly, at least I know I haven't sat still." - Caterina Ciani, Switzerland

"That was fucking awesome!” - Attendee of “Best Self 2019” Workshop, Los Angeles

“Thank you for coming in and healing us with sound! Your work fascinated and inspired me. Thank you for brining your warm and clearing energy to MUSE School and introducing us to the wonders of Sound Healing!” - Skye K