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  • House of Two Spirits Tipi Old Agora, CA, 91301 United States (map)

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. – Ann Wigmore

Your fork is an extremely important tool in your spiritual journey. Eating healthfully is a powerful act of self-love. Why is it such struggle for us? Why is it so hard to create and maintain a healthy relationship with food?

In the Mindful Eating Morning Retreat, we’ll uncover the habits, patterns and behaviors that keep us from eating the foods that nourish our highest selves. Whether we are looking at self-limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors or crazy, busy schedules that make it seem impossible to regularly make healthy meal choices…we’ll get to the bottom of it!

Mindful Eating is about getting in the habit of asking yourself one simple question before putting anything your mouth, “Is this going to make me healthier and stronger? Or weaker and sicker?” This seemingly simple habit + a healthy lifestyle plan that meets you where you are + a tribe of like-minded people = a winning combination for creating lasting change.

This 3-hour retreat takes place at the House of Two Spirits Tipi and includes:

  • Mindful Eating Group Coaching Session in a Tipi!

  • 30-Minute Intention Setting Nature Walk

  • Healthy Snacks and Green Juice

  • A Guided Meditation

  • A 30-Minute Transformative Sound Bath

  • Introduction to Support Group of Like Minded People!!

Location: Private ranch in Agora Hills, address disclosed before event.

Cost: $68

About Elynn DeMattia

Elynn DeMattia is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach with a long history of helping people find simple, efficient ways to make healthy, delicious meals. Elynn is the creative developer of both the Magic Bullet and NutriBullet where she was able to help millions of people improve their health, worldwide. After 15 years, she left her VP position to pursue a more personalized way to inspire healthy lifestyle choices. Currently, Elynn continues to consult on product development in the health and wellness space and is growing her health coaching and sound healing practice. Elynn brings her deep knowledge of nutrition, zesty personality and passion for helping people fit healthy foods into their crazy, busy lives into all that she does.

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