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  • House of Two Spirits Tipi Old Agora, CA, 91301 United States (map)

Men tend to count on themselves to have all the answers, believing they see and know themselves to be the man they were meant to be. However, with curiosity and courage, some men step up and lean into other good men.

This event is designed for men to rise with the new day and move through a few hours in multi-dimensions on a private ranch, and in a tipi. We will tap into what we know, and don't know about ourselves, other men, and the braveheart that beats deep within all of us.

We will create a sacred space, have multiple circle-ups, meditate, drum, breathe, and be men who aspire to be our best versions as; Fathers, Son's, and Husbands / partners. We will challenge and hold space for one another, as we "get real", and discover / sharpen tools to support us for moving about in the world through all-the-things.

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Meet Chris Christopherson

Organizer of Men's sacred rising

Chris Christopherson draws on pivotal personal experiences and training in a wide mix of communicative approaches to create a sacred space to lead men through transformational evolvement, including group and private settings which include but are not limited to; meditation, nature walks, dynamic growth exercises, & powerful "fireside chats" that are revealing, raw and fluid

 Based in Los Angeles, Chris hosts circles of men in a Tipi “House of Two Spirits” on a private ranch in Agoura Hills. “She” the Tipi was a calling by Chris’s girlfriend Pamela Robins (“Meditation and Sound Healing Teacher (the most loving, compassionate woman a man could be blessed to share time with), which has now opened space for a community of both Women and Men, to get just what they need.

 Chris is an enthusiastic student of continuous learning and personal growth through; sharing space in circles of Men, traditional therapy, intuitive studies and guidance, healing work (breath, movement, sound, and meditation), and nature.

He has a passion for Men becoming the best versions of themselves as “Men”, and an entrepreneur as a business consultant with emphasis on developing “Leaders”. After 27 months caring for and helping his wife of 13 years to pass on from this life (due to Cancer), he is blessed to be a Father of and pay witness to the growth of his two Sons, Trystin and Juliun. In addition to the resilience demonstrated by his boys, he credits moving through the pain of losing his amazing wife, and then Corporate professional securities (financial means), to the power of love and support sitting in circles of courageous, committed men. The losses, and circles of men has gifted Chris with deeper wisdom, compassion and understanding of “the stuff” that men (the little boy inside of them) get stuck in, and has devoted himself to sharing tools that can change the lives of; Fathers, Husbands, Son’s, and good men.

Chris is a Father above all else, he holds multi undergraduate degrees in Psychology, Biology, and Exercise Science (“Interdisciplinary Studies”), is a fitness enthusiast; biking, hockey, snowboarding, Spartan racing, hiking, and most anything calling for outdoor movement, he enjoys being kind and holding space for those that need love and support, especially men who aspire to be better versions of themselves.

"I will never forget the first time I sat in a sacred circle of men. I was full of fear, judgement, and a desire to run, yet, I knew I was home. I felt an intuitive sense of depth in care and love of my well-being, the courage and power of really good men who shed their armor so that I might do the same, so that we might learn who we really were, and who we desired to be, as men. I will never forget how my wife and children responded as they experienced their husband and father, showing up differently, more vulnerable and therefor powerful, more willing to be better for them (for himself). When you get filled up from men, it is a super power that can take you to places you’ve always imagined, or inspire you to imagine places beyond all understanding”