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Join me and my very special guest breathwork meditation teacher, Ana Lilia for a magical retreat on a private horse ranch in Old Agoura. 

Fall is a beatiful time of the year that encourages us to slow down and reflect on our life: 

- What is flowing with ease?

- What feels like a struggle and is weighing you down?

- Is there something that you're ready to release, but have some fear about letting go?

In this powerful time of self reflection, we invite you to join us for an afternoon of going inward. Join us as we take a silent meditation walk with animals from the ranch to the Wizard Wisdom Tree where we will set our intentions for the day. 

When we return to the Tipi, we will have the breathwork class with Ana. This active form of meditation allows us to dig even deeper and release what is no longer serving us. After an hour of of shedding old layers and opening up to receive what you want in life, we will sit down to process over a delicious Vegan sunset dinner from Joi Cafe.

Following dinner, you will have time to wind down and integrate all of your learning as Pamela takes you on a nurturing and peaceful sound healing journey with a gong, quartz crystal singing bowls and other ancient healing instruments. 

Our evening will conclude with a closing circle ceremony.